The status of orders go in the following order:

Pending - This occurs right after an order has been placed. This means that the order is           currently in-queue to be batched into the system.

Batching - The order is currently processing into the system. This occurs every 4 hours: 7am , 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 3am etc.

In-Production - The order has successfully been processed into the system and is in         queue for production at the printing facility.

Shipped - Order has been prepped for shipment and has a tracking number attached to the order.


Irregular Statuses:

Error - This occurs after batching, when the order has been bounced back due to an Error. You will need to contact the CS team to fix.

Declined - Order was declined due to insufficient funds or an invalid payment account.

Hold - This occurs when a customer has paid using an E-Check and the payment has not yet cleared into the system. The CS team cannot force an order in this status into               production.

Not Teelaunch - The product was deleted or changed before the system could batch the order in to fulfill. You will need to manually re-order as we cannot fix orders in this             status.