At teelaunch, we require your artwork to be a PNG at a minimum of 2400px wide.

• A PNG for its flexibility to either allow transparency or have a solid background.

• A minimum of 2400px wide to ensure the artwork that is uploaded is high enough quality to meet our print standards. The app automatically trims the surrounding negative (empty) space around your artwork to make sure that the actual visible pixels meet the 2400px wide requirement. If your file is not a minimum of 2400px wide, the app will not accept it. It is good practice to trim your file before uploading to save time and avoid any unexpected errors.

Please click the thumbnails below to see acceptable design specs.

Unacceptable Design Specs

Acceptable Designs Specs

Also Acceptable Designs Specs

Standard apparel is printed via the DTG (Direct To Garment) process. DTG printing differs from screen printing. Screen printing is a more expensive process with a limited color palette and requires more basic designs. DTG printing is built for one-off prints/short runs and is ideal for more elaborate designs with an extensive color palette. Please read on for important information regarding of how to properly create designs for DTG printing and how to maximize the potential of your graphics. 

For more tips and examples please looks at the link below: