We've made pushing products to Etsy very easy.


1. Connect to Etsy

2. Go to Integrations then click on Etsy

3. Authorize etsy and copy the code that they give you and enter back in the teelaunch app.

4. Now click on any product that you want to push to Etsy

5. Click on More Actions

6. Click on Create Etsy teelaunch listing

7. Double check all the information and click Publish Listing.

8. Then our app creates a listing in Etsy and connects it to Shopify.

Please note: 

All products in apparel, all products in drinkware, bamboo & cork coasters, fleece blankets, hooded blanket, pillows, round & handle cutting boards, bluetooth speakers, power banks, canvas, cards can be automatically be linked using our Etsy Push Feature: