The Etsy push feature will help all of our users simultaneously link their Shopify products to their Etsy stores without going back and forth to fill out two separate product pages. This feature will help speed up the uploading process while simultaneously taking a lot of frustration out of the picture.

Currently, this feature works with most of the products we offer. Check out this list below to see if your product is able to be pushed directly to Etsy from Shopify.

All products in apparel, all products in drinkware, bamboo & cork coasters, fleece blankets, pillows, round & handle cutting boards, bluetooth speakers, power banks, canvas, cards.

For products that cannot be pushed you would need to link manually through the integration tab in the app:


A video step by step guide of our Etsy Push feature:

How to make the custom shipping profile on Etsy's side:


How to use Etsy Push

1.) Start by creating your product as you normally would in the teelaunch app within your Shopify store. For this demonstration, I’ve created a mug to push to my Etsy store.

2.) Open up your Etsy shop manager and select “add listing” on the upper right of your  homepage.

3.) Scroll down to the shipping section, select “Enter custom shipping options,” then select fixed cost and fill out your shipping prices and time estimates.4.) Select “Save as shipping profile” and use your product’s title for the profile name. This is the only portion of the process that requires your Etsy shop to be open.

5.) Back in your Shopify store, select the product you wish to push to Etsy. Under the “More options” drop-down box select “Create Etsy teelaunch Listing”

6.) Wait for your product page to refresh, then under “Select shipping template” at the bottom of your product’s page, select the shipping template that you just created in your Etsy store.

7.) Select “Publish listing” (Generally takes about 20-40 seconds)

8.) View the Etsy listing in your store!