The Hold feature is for store owners who create custom designs for their customers after the product is ordered. For example a custom dog bowl, where the customer will include a photo of their pet in the original order, and then the shop owner illustrates their pet and places it on the product in their order. 

It’s important to note that once you turn on the manual order placement option, all of your orders will be put on hold until you either confirm the image, cancel the order, or place the new image.


A video step by step guide of our Hold Feature: 


To use this feature just follow these steps:

• First, create your customizable product. This is the image that your customers will see available in your shop.

• Next, you’ll want to create a graphic that shows the customer what they can do with their customization (for example, “Your     Name Here!” or “Place Your Image Here”).

• Then to turn on the hold, go into your store’s account settings and change your setting to “Yes” under the “Automatic                Order Hold” drop down.

• Once a customer has placed an order for your product, make the appropriate design changes, in the example above, a             customer wants the name “Katie” on the mug.

• Once finished, go into your pending order and replace the current file with the new customer-personalized file and confirm         your new image

• After you hit confirm, your order will then be processed.

Once you place your items on hold, this is how the hold screen will appear until you’ve uploaded your finished file:

For now, this feature is only compatible with a select few of our products due to their popularity within the customization market (See list below)

• Phone Cases

• Mugs

• Blankets

• Canvases

• Tumblers