What information will be included on my return address label?

What information will be included on my return address label?

The return label details is the address that will be printed in the upper left hand corner on the shipping label. ( Please see example below)

If you use your address as the return address and an order is RTS (returned to sender) you will receive it back to that address. You will have to pay fee's to receive the order back from the courier as do we when they are sent to our CS office, you would then need to get an updated address from the customer to reship. 

Unfortunately not all print facilities are setup to print the custom return labels, if they are not setup it will say Fulfillment Center with our CS address. 

If you are not wanting to use your own address or if you are not in the US you are more than welcome to our CS address; 808 N West Ave, Sioux Falls SD 57104. However if the order is returned to our CS office you will have to cover the costs to reship the order to the customer. 

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